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One to one breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding is complex

Breastfeeding is a learning experience for both you and your baby

You and your baby may not find it easy

You and your baby may find it challenging

But with the right support, it can be a wonderful way to feed and bond with your baby.

I can help you with breastfeeding by offering one to one support either in person, or over Zoom.

90 minute session


Nursing Newborn

I currently volunteer for the NHS and work alongside the midwives as part of the Infant Feeding team at Kingston Hospital.

I have accumulated knowledge on baby friendly feeding from a range of sources, including the UNICEF baby friendly initiative.

I am also a Mum and breastfed by son for over a year.

During our 90 minute session, I will listen to you to understand your concerns. We will discuss the birth and after care, as well as your immediate set up at home. I will analyse the latch and positioning and we will come up with a positive plan for you for feeding at home and whilst you are out and about!

After my visit you'll feel more confident and relaxed about feeding, having asked all you need to ask about the whole process. I will also email you after my visit with a follow up report with useful resources and access to my closed Facebook support group.

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