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One to one coaching

Pink Stairway

Your Experience

Your coaching experience is unique to you. I will hold space for you to share and explore any health or wellbeing issue(s) that are currently taking up too much space in your life.


The initial session is 90 minutes long to allow me to gather as much information about your current life, childhood and what you want for your future.

Within our sessions, we will co-create a sustainable plan to help launch you in the right direction towards balance and flow. We will gently remove anything that is not currently working for you from your current daily life in terms of routine and nutrition, and put in small steps towards building in goodness and joy. I suggest 6 sessions to build up a great framework for you to work with moving forward.

I offer check ins on Whatsapp on a daily, 3 day or weekly basis - you choose the frequency!

I use the analogy of a pink staircase. We only take small steps up, and never ever look down. We'll get to the top together and co-create the life you deserve.

I've got you!

Jessie x

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