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How can a Health Coach help and prevent chronic illness and disease?

In these times we have to turn to alternative ways at looking at our health. The NHS is so very stretched and were so even in pre-pandemic times. So, more so now, it’s up to us all to take it upon ourselves to be the most healthy we can, to build strong immune systems and to re-educate ourselves on the importance of a good, nutritious diet, exercise and movement, and the value of having a sense of purpose in life. Fundamentally we can collectively ‘save space’ and add to the wider health crisis with NHS doctors and hospitals for those who can’t help themselves so easily such as the vulnerable and elderly.

I really believe the conventional medical paradigm is out of date. People go to the doctor for a quick fix, but the quick fix ends up becoming a long fix as you either become drug dependent, or dependent on the trust you have in the doctor who you think is going to make you better, but is actually ‘trialing you’ through a computerised tickbox system on various medications that mask a problem rather than cure them. Take for example eczema. I have a client who has had terrible eczema since childhood and has only ever taken steroids. So steroids keep the problem at bay, but the question is, what else are they doing to her health? They are suppressing her immune system and actually paving a path for her to be open to other pathologies and more chronic conditions due to a weakened immune system. We all know GPs are given just 10 minutes per patient per appointment, whereas a Health Coach is able to work with a client over many sessions over a period of weeks, if not months to really get to the root of a problem and moreover provide the client with the education and the resources to fix themselves in the future. Working with a coach also builds confidence, self-awareness, and self-efficacy, and accountability, all crucial components for long-term sustainable change.

A health coach can improve their clients’ overall quality of life and this may be the intrinsic key to helping them make long-term changes that maintain their health. It’s this clever combination of a health education with training in behavior change that makes health coaches so unique. We are able to address and tackle any health complaint alongside lifestyle imbalance, and that can lead to very powerful results and inspire long-standing outcomes for that client. A Health coach is this motivating force behind you holding you accountable to making the change you know you want to make and know you should make for your optimal health and longevity, but don’t know how to start going about it.

I believe it’s not just who we are now, but it’s about educating the next generation about how good nutrition helps benefit your mental and physical health and be the best you can be so you can achieve goals and live a fulfilled life. It is about disease avoidance and prevention. Currently statistics show one in two people will get Cancer - that’s a scary statistic, and we should be encouraging each other to live our lives preventatively and not just think there is a drug for each and every condition, because there just isn’t. It is this idea of actually healing society through good health. It becomes a knock on effect - if we can breed generations of informed and healthy individuals who want to take care of themselves and their environment we’d all be in a better shape individually and collectively if this happened. I think there’s no greater time for health coaches to come to the fore and work in force to help people who are willing to make change.

Let me support you through the changes you want to make. Contact me for a 15 minute discovery call to find out more!

Looking forward to helping you.

Jessie x

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